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i quit sugarIts been over a year since I quit sugar.  I didn’t even know it was a thing until I heard a bunch of Aussie’s talking about new cookbooks and bumped into Sara Wilson on Instagram. Apparently, its all the rage right now.   After a popular New York Times best seller, I quit sugar,  and an 8 week program that A LOT of people have tried, quitting sugar is making its way mainstream.  And of course, its surrounded by drama and controversy.  Its bad, its good. Sara Wilson doesn’t know what she’s talking about, etc. etc.

Its no secret that white, refined sugar has been classified as a poison because it has been depleted of its life forces, vitamins and minerals.  And high fructose corn syrup gets a fair bit of bad press now too.  And more than ever, obesity has been linked to the effects of refined sugar in our diets.

But I’m no expert. I can only speak for myself.

Do i feel good? Yes.

Did I lose weight? Yes. Weight I didn’t even know I had to lose.

Do I ever get bloated anymore? Nope.

Is it hard? No, its actually not.

Do I have cravings?  Sometimes.  For these moments, I learned how to make pretty awesome chocolate.

Do my kids eat sugar? Yes. 80/20 rule with them.

But lets be clear. Saying I quit sugar could be misleading. Sucrose is table sugar. Glucose is in our blood and our energy source, fructose is what you find in fruits that is metabolized differently. For about 6 months, I wiped it all out of my diet. including fructose and natural sweeteners (  After that, I added the good stuff back in, but never the junk.  Nowadays, I eat loads of fruit and carry a vile of maple syrup around with me for that occasional cup of coffee I have.

My dad said I should never quit, but in this case, I think its a win.


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